Private equity investing involves high-stakes trust, whether with sellers, bankers, investors, lenders or management teams. While it seems that nearly all of these relationships are documented through contracts and formal agreements, the real test is how one behaves. It starts early in a deal process with confidentiality, and extends into due diligence and documentation. It is also visible in our actions and in the way we manage fund agreement provisions, work through troubled situations and stick with an investment despite hard times.

A Partner You Can Trust

At Linsalata Capital Partners, our relationships are founded fundamentally on partnership. We strive for long-term relationships that stand the test of time through good times and bad to the mutual benefit of the partners. The majority of our investors and our core financing relationships have stayed with us through multiple funds and several key managers have chosen to work with us a second time in their career. Quite simply, Linsalata Capital Partners is a partner that you can trust to "do the right thing."